Last night, Sean "Diddy" Combs was among the celebrities that helped raise an estimated $5 million for the Red Cross and UNICEF on Larry King's two-hour CNN special 'Haiti: How Can You Help.' Diddy commended fellow hip-hop musician Wyclef Jean and his Haitian charity, the Yele Haiti Foundation, for raising more than $1 million in relief funds for the country, despite the recent allegations by the Smoking Gun that suggested Wyclef profited more from the charity than anyone else.

"I think Wyclef should run for president of Haiti after this," Diddy boldly stated. "What he's done, the way he's put himself out there is truly commendable. I just pray for the people of Haiti."

"Haiti for me is such an inspirational country," Diddy told King. "They were the first people to take back their freedom, the first people to say that we will not be slaves anymore. So growing up, the Haitian people to me were always that people I looked up to, because of their fight, the way they fought for their freedom."

"Just living in Miami -- I live in Miami," Diddy continued. "And if you've ever met somebody that's Haitian, they have so much love in their hearts. They don't just shake your hand. They give you a hug. They give you kiss. They're such a loving people. To see this is just heart-wrenching and heart-breaking."

With King's trademark suspenders garnering a $1000 donation from a viewer during the taping, Diddy also raised an additional $1000 after giving up a pair of his sunglasses and an autographed photo. "Larry you know I'm always wearing shades ... " he told King. "... whatever it takes out here, we're going to raise as much money as we can."

To donate to the American Red Cross head here. To donate $5 to Wyclef's Yele Haiti Foundation text "Yele" to 501501. Below we've included the video for the Wyclef track 'Yele' which was taped in Haiti and appeared on the singer's 1997 solo album 'The Carnival.'

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