At Diddy's recent release party for his Dirty Money opus 'Last Train to Paris,' a bikini-clad model stole the show when her hair caught on fire via a live Web broadcast. As the model sat looking angelic in a Jacuzzi, her flowing hair fell victim to the votive candles lining the tub. Her quick reflex to dunk, not only avoided any serious injury, but also elicited laughs from the hip-hop blogosphere.

There's good news a week later, though. The model, full name Miyoki Jones, is luckily receiving a little assistance from Diddy himself when it comes to reconstructing her hair: He's footing the bill.

Apparently, Diddy called up Jones after the incident to see how she was holding up and said that he would pay for the hair repair no matter the cost. TMZ reports that the appointment is setup for this week and will probably cost Diddy around a thousand dollars.

Other than her ego, Jones was not injured in the incident. "Hopefully something good comes out of this," she said after the fire. "[Diddy's] very humble."

Diddy also laid out his general philosophy to TMZ. While he's fine reimbursing the model for her services and collateral damage, he also thinks that his employees need to keep working unless they are physically injured. "At a Diddy party, if something ain't broke, you gotta get back in the tub," he said. Real words to live by. See for yourself ...

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