In a world where social stigmas can surround therapy-seeking hip-hop dignitaries, it's refreshing to learn that one urban entrepreneur has achieved inner peace as a result of spilling his guts to a stranger.

Due to personal trials and tribulations, Sean "Diddy" Combs has regularly sought the advice of psychotherapists. In an interview with Playboy magazine, the Bad Boy Records founder admitted to sharing the impacts of failed relationships with a licensed professional.

"I've had therapy about my relationship with Kim [Porter], about my relationship with Jennifer [Lopez]," Diddy confesses. "Therapy helped me through a lot of those situations."

Though matters of the heart were a heavy topic of discussion, the Diddy also overcame the loss of a longtime friend and colleague during his counseling sessions.

"I've gone to therapy for relationships I've been in, for tragedies I've been through," Diddy reveals. "I went to therapy when Big died, but a lot of my therapy has been with love and relationships."

For critics who think rambling on to a doctor with a notepad is only for the emotionally disturbed, the rap mogul disagrees: "I think therapy is good. I've been called bipolar -- I'm not; I just have very drastic mood swings."

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