Sean "Diddy" Combs sure knows how to break barriers in business. Apart from his many business ventures, his next goal is to join some of the biggest guns in sports such as Jerry Jones and Al Davis and become a majority owner in a NFL franchise. Currently, no teams have a "for sale" sign, but Diddy is going to be patient with his target set on becoming the first African-American owner of a football franchise.

"I will be the first black man to be majority owner of a NFL football team!!!!," tweeted an obviously excited Diddy. "BELIEVE!!!!!!! All things are possible through Christ!"

Power of the Lord aside, Combs is worth an estimated $300 million and more with assets, so it's definitely within his reach. He also discussed potentially bidding on the Crystal Palace, a European soccer club, earlier this year, but held off because the economics weren't right at the time. For Diddy, it's about letting his intentions be known. When the time is right, he claims he will strike at the right offer for any NFL team on the market.

"I'm always looking into different business ventures and it's definitely one of my dreams one day to be a part of a sports franchise, especially a football team," he said. "If the right situation comes my way and it's appealing and we can make the right splash and most importantly build the right team and win... I'm into winning and if it's the right situation then I'm open to it."

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