Hip-hop is in a state of emergency, according to Diddy. The rap mogul recently went on his Snapchat to express his concern about the direction of where hip-hop is going. Diddy says that he’s tired of the “coonin’” and “buffonin’” that he sees among today’s rappers.

In his nearly five-minute long “Puffy rant” (watch above), the Bad Boy Entertainment CEO urged rappers to learn about hip-hop culture by watching Netflix’s latest documentary Hip-Hop Evolution and Steve Stoute’s program, Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip-Hop.

In addition, Diddy urged rappers to use the power of their words to change the culture and develop businesses with their music. "You could take a company from zero to a billion, you change someone's life," he said. "But y'all want to use that power to do the Jim Crow. Y'all doing the old Jim Crow."

"Don't you know that we are magic? I know that you have heard the term "black magic" being thrown around. We are magic. Start using your power for the greater good of our people," he continues. "That black magic is that deeper love that we have for each other."

Diddy also encouraged rappers to get off social media and reassess their worth in the rap game. "Let's put these motherf---ing social devices down for a second and look in the mirror and talk to ourselves and take accountability," he said.

Fans who have watched Diddy's Snapchat agreed with the rap mogul's sentiments. Hopefully, rappers watched Diddy's rant as well and are planning to take accountability for some of the f---ery that is currently go on in the rap game.

Read some of the people's reactions below.

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