You know what's great about Diddy? Everything. "I was the first on the jet. I was the first running the marathon. I was the first donating millions of dollars. I was the first," Dids told XXL. "I was the first with the renegotiations. F--k a Forbes list. I was on the cover of Forbes...There is going to be someone that will pass me, but as long as I'm on the court, they are not going to be badder than me, because there is too much catching up to do." At least he's honest. [PaperChaser]

Your homegirl Ke$ha shot a video for a group called 3OH!3's new song "My First Kiss," and apparently it's pretty awesome.

"Oh, my gosh!...It's really fun! There are a lot of lips and golden things involved," she said of the video, before going on to describe her relationship with the group. "Those guys are really fun, and I feel like we share a lot of the same mentality when it comes to our music and our life and having fun and being sarcastic and ironic and throwing dance parties." We. Are. Doomed. [MTV]