's promotion work for his upcoming album 'Last Train to Paris' and his new management deal with Rick Ross should be enough to keep him busy through the summer, but the entertainment mogul is now eyeing a spot as a judge on 'American Idol.'

After taking a peek at Simon Cowell's weekly paycheck, Sean Combs is ready to offer his services on the hit Fox television show. "I have been fronting all this time, trying to act like I don't want that spot. [But] I spoke to Simon's business manager, and I found out how much that boy makes a week. I am praying right now to 'American Idol,' Diddy told MTV News this week.

To reiterate that he was serious about replacing Cowell, Diddy urged fans to help him out by making his career aspirations a trending topic on their social media networks. "I want everybody to get on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and say that Diddy should get the Simon spot -- but for the same amount of money that SImon was getting, else it's a deal-breaker," he said.

Just in case anyone at Fox Networks is actually paying attention, the Bad Boy CEO made it a point to emphasize that he would only be interested in the judging spot if his paycheck remained the same as Cowell's. "I'm tired of being cool: That number that Simon was getting a week is ridiculous. I can't even be cool with that. Please, can I have the job, whoever's in charge of giving that job?" he said. "There's no negotiating the contract. Just change the name on the check, and I'll be there."

And just to keep things up-to-date, Diddy has also made a slight alteration to one of hip-hop's classic phrases. "More money, no more problems," he said.