Hey you! By chance were you at Diddy's BET taping of '106 & Park' and just so happen to come across a $20,000 dollar ring? Because if so, Diddy might like it back. As the New York Post reports, a typical taping of this show was going down -- you know, the kind where Diddy tosses out real money mixed in with fake money, causing the studio audience to go a bit nuts. And in doing so his ring supposedly flew off his finger, into the crowd.

Diddy did what any normal person would do after losing a ring worth 20k and requested that security frisk the entire studio audience in search of the diamonds, only to come up empty. After the segment, Diddy took to his Twitter feed and expressed his views on what happened. "The craziest s--- just happened to me lol I guess its s---tin on me season.. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!!! lol life is crazy!"

While no reward has been offered yet, we could assume that he'd be gracious enough to hook you up with a pair of Diddy Beats headphones. Diddy is currently working on 'Last Train to Paris,' which is said to be a concept album involving a tour from London to Paris where he finds and loses the woman of his dreams. We're starting to see some common threads running through Diddy's life these days.

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