Last year, Odd Future was thrust into the spotlight as an offensively creative hip-hop group that fell somewhere between a punkish rap bravado and characters on 'Jackass.' Now, as a result of their popularity, Diddy is reportedly entering a bidding war with other labels to sign the group.

According to the New York Post, Diddy is "desperate" to sign the Tyler, the Creator-led collective to a deal and guide their future. Other labels vying for consideration include Roc Nation, SRC Records and Interscope, yet the music veteran has been the one pulling out all the stops, hooking up a meeting with Tyler's hero Justin Bieber and generally trying to show OFWGKTA what a successful life in the music industry might bring. He even made his cosign public by introducing the group at a much-hyped performance at SXSW back in March.

"Tyler asked Diddy for access to Justin, so he pulled strings," said a rep for Odd Future. "Tyler did meet with Justin, and Diddy helped make it happen." (Last week, the BoomBox ran a story on the encounter, which included an impromptu, mini photo session.)

Sources indicate that a formal offer hasn't been made, yet the often-shocking hip-hop collective is banking that potential contracts are on the way from both Diddy and industry veteran Steve Rifkind via his SRC Records imprint. Rifkind, a longtime music executive, is mainly known as the man who originally signed the Wu-Tang Clan -- a group to which Odd Future is often compared.

Like the Wu, the group is hoping to cut solo deals for each artist at different labels. Tyler, the Creator has already signed with XL for his official debut 'Goblin,' while duo MellowHype linked up with Fat Possom to remaster and distribute their 2010 mixtape 'BlackenedWhite.'