Diddy and Jennifer Lopez are officially getting back together, but this time around it will be all business. The twosome both appear in Macy's upcoming Find Your Magic commercials, along with fellow celebrity designers Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Jessica Simpson. The ads, which begin airing this month, plus each celebrity's brand that is sold trough the retail giant. "I'm in great company," Diddy said during the shoot. "These are people that really work hard to have successful brands."

The latest commercial begins with a customer request for the perfect shoe, and follows a Macy's associate through the store's stockroom where he runs into Diddy, Lopez, Stewart and other designers prepping their products for the upcoming holiday season.

"With more than 150 years of magic-making experience, Macy's is the place where everything comes together for our customers in fun and entertaining ways," Executive Vice President of Marketing Martine Reardon said in a statement. The Find Your Magic campaign begin airing September 12.

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