As promised, the much-hyped Diddy Blog went live this morning and it looks like the running theme is inspiration.

"I love you," says Diddy in the introduction video. "I'm gonna love you even if you don't love me. That's where I'm at in my life. Down with hate, in with the love. Hate is for suckers. Today is the beginning of a new day. Today, we start the love movement ... The love movement has begun. Gillions of people are gonna throw this up all over the world," he concluded, making a heart symbol with his hands.

The site is split into six categories to get you all pumped up for work. These include: inspire, believe, feel, create, love and grow. Each section is already populated with at least one entry and visitors can expect a constant stream of positive reinforcement through video blogs, inspiring quotes, art and success stories from around the globe. For instance, the "inspire" category introduces Tommy Carroll -- a blind teenager who depsite his setback is an honors student and runs cross-country, with the assistance of a guide runner, for his high school team.

If Diddy can stick with the inspirational slant and keep his marketing prowess outside of the site, it could turn into a great resource to help you through your day.

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