When Desiigner performs his No. 1 song “Panda” in the club, pandemonium ensues. However, during the Brooklyn rhymer’s club performance at New York’s 1Oak, he got so hyped that Justin Bieber had to check him. And it was caught on video.

TMZ posted a video of Desiigner jumping up and down during his rollicking performance of “Panda.” Then, out of the blue, the Biebster pushes him and right before the 19-year-old rapper is about to lay hands on him, he realizes who he is and says “My Bad.”

According to the gossip website, Desiigner was jumping around so hard that he kept stomping on Bieber’s feet so the pop star had to check him.

Now we understand that Bieber doesn’t want nobody stepping on his precious shoes, but how come he couldn't just step to the side and let Desiigner do his thing? Why all the pushing and shoving?

Hey, at least Desiigner didn’t throw up on him. Now that would have been a viral video.

Although Desiigner is only 19 years old, he was able to perform his full set at 1Oak, which has a strict 21 and over policy. Afterward, he was promptly escorted out with no hassle.

As of now, Desiigner and Justin Bieber are cool - but just don’t step on his expensive shoes. Watch the video below.

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