Deniro Farrar is an emcee from Charlotte who delves in the lane of gritty, reality street rap. He just released a video for a song called 'Separate.'The song itself features JMSN and was produced by Ryan Hemsworth, although neither of the two make an appearance in the video. But that's likely intentional, as the video is practically a mini-thriller movie on its own.

It starts with a group of thugs kidnapping Deniro and his girlfriend and dragging him to an abandoned parking lot. Bound at the wrists and bloodied up, Deniro tries to remain defiant in the face of impending doom, but ultimately his life is spared. Unfortunately, his assailants ultimately choose to kill his girlfriend instead to torture him.

'Separate' is one of the standout tracks off Deniro's latest release, 'The Patriarch II.' It showcases his guttural delivery that works perfectly over ambient production, like the harp-like string riffs that Hemsworth uses here. Watch the video below.