Dee-1 just released a video for 'Walking Revolution,' which sees the New Orleans rapper get on the ground and serve his impoverished community directly.The video starts with an introduction by Dee-1, who says that he intends on doing his part to help alleviate the plight of homeless people in his hometown. "We're not talking, we're walking," he says. This then transitions into the actual video itself, where Dee starts in the kitchen making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He places the sandwiches into paper bags and begins driving around the streets of New Orleans to distribute the bagged lunches to homeless people he encounters.

The video ends with Dee and another volunteer setting up a table full of food cooked by D. Marie's Kitchen Catering. A crowd of homeless people lines up to the table and gets served by Dee and the woman one by one, grateful for the opportunity to grab a free meal.

The song itself finds Dee drop jewels of wisdom over a thumping instrumental from Foreign Allegiance. On its own, it's a powerful record, but with the accompanying act of community service, it takes on a more poignant meaning.

Dee-1 is getting ready to release a new project called 'Psalm of David 2.'

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