DAYLYT is a talented rapper, but very odd character. He provided a highlight on Ab-Soul's 'These Days...' when the two competed in an old fashion battle rap to close the album. That was overshadowed by how he decided to show up to Total Slaughter in a Spawn (as in the comic book character) costume and then decided to strip naked from it, which only annoyed competition judge Ebro Darden. DAYLYT's latest act of weirdness? Saying he'd like to have sex with Diddy.

The battle rapper didn't look like he was saying this in jest. DAYLYT said, "I’d f–- the s-– out of Diddy," during a Vlad TV interview.

How is that quote even set up? DJ Vlad mentioned that singer Aaron Hall told him he'd invited stars like Denzel Washington and Diddy over to watch him have sex. After DAYLYT decided to act out the scenario, DJ Vlad asked if he would do the same.

"Like would I f--- Diddy? Yeah," DAYLYT says.

DJ Vlad awkwardly stayed silent before DAYLYT continued to explain in over-the-top detail.

"I’m not gonna front. I’d f--- the shit out of Diddy… Why not? Diddy’s attractive," DAYLYT says. "Get him off like a bottle of Ciroc, a shot of Ciroc. He got plenty of Ciroc. Get him f---ed up, I’ll f---.

"I actually got a website. I got a movement. It's called the f--- P. Diddy movement."

This could be a declaration of DAYLYT's sexuality, but it's his absurd explanation and unnecessary context that makes the clip a head scratcher.