"Since we moved to L.A., we've become friends," David Beckham explained, of his exciting new relationship with Snoop. "He called me about 10 days before his last album came out and he invited me to the studio to listen to it first. He asked my opinion and I said I loved every one of [the tracks]." Of course he did. Beckham then admitted that he wouldn't have given the Doggfather an honest answer, even if he had disliked the songs. "No, because he has two huge bodyguards!" he conceded. That's cool, man. [Rap-Up]

'Jersey Shore' star Snooki doesn't like Heidi Montag, and she would like to punch her in the face. "I will punch her in the face because I don't like her," the pint-sized "guidette" told Perez Hilton. "She had too many surgeries. She looks like an alien and guidettes don't look like aliens, just saying." That's so ill. Meanwhile, Heidi Montag was less than pleased about Snooki's comments. "@PerezHilton for a girl who was punched in the face I would think she of all people would know that is not a funny thing to joke about," she tweeted. Aw, it's not you, girl, it's aliens. [PerezHilton]

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