Brooklyn's own goof-rap phenoms Das Racist made their network TV debut last night on 'Conan' (Nov. 28) with a simple, yet extremely affecting catchphrase: "Michael Jackson. A Million dollars. You Feel Me?" The band's performance of 'Michael Jackson,' from their recent 'Relax' album, features everything that is weird and great from the New York trio. Two lovely ladies back the band on single crash cymbals while hype man Ashok Kondabolu, aka Dap, delivers consistent wisdom from the band's bully pulpit.

Head MC Heems delivers several lazy lines of hushed pop culture references, ending his tirade with the line, "I'm good at rapping." But synth player and beat maker Kool A.D. has the choicest lyrics: "Call me Janet Jackson, I got a hundred dollars/ I got the jungle fever, roll with 100 zebras/ I got a leather jacket, I got a little hat on/ I'm drinking carbonated water by the quarter gallon." And just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, the guys conjure up the late spirit of Michael Jackson through a spot-on impersonator.

Prior to appearing on the show, Das Racist tweeted, "Cover of Spin. Conan O'Brien tomorrow. No manager. No label. Third World Family. Greedhead Music. OTK. FSS." Though we're not sure what half of that means, it is amazing to note that these East Coast jokesters have hit the mainstream with their hilarious and equally disturbing brand of hip-hop without relying on a major label. Many fans and enemies of the band took to the Twittersphere after the performance aired, and in a strange attempt at self-flagellation, Das Racist have been re-tweeting every negative reaction to their time on 'Conan.'

Check out 'Michael Jackson' below and tell us what you think. Is Das Racist's set more performance art-meets-Taco Bell-parking-lot-rap-battle or are they the most original hip-hop crew out there?

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