Future star in the making? After Groove’s ‘KB Bounce’ hit the web earlier this year, it quickly went viral with the rhythmically inclined joining in on the hot new dance craze. Now, a little girl by the name of Princess has decided to throw her dance shoes in the ring as well.

In an adorable clip that has since gone viral on Facebook, we see the little tyke with her adult male partner, Ali, getting ready to put in some work on the dance floor. The pint-sized dancer starts off with a couple push-ups before springing into the two-step dance move like a boss.

Princess posted the video on her Facebook page on Dec. 21 and it has since racked up nearly four million views so far.

Princess is giving all the previous ‘KB Bounce’ dancers a run for their money as she turns up on the dance floor.

If you want to send positive vibes to this young dancing prodigy, you can follow her on Twitter at @theprincess973.

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