Grammy-winning producer-songwriter Dallas Austin, who has crafted hits for Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Monica, Pink and done a remix for Michael Jackson, has unveiled his new mobile music production machine, Beat Thang, which he has partnered with Best Buy to release on July 17, 2011.

Austin created Beat Thang from the standpoint of a working music producer, in an attempt to "offer young producers something I wish I had then, in a way that is easy to orchestrate." Beat Thang, which retails for $1,500, comes equipped with over 3,000 original, sample-free sounds, hundreds of original beats, loops and 65 digital effects, including waveform editing, mixing and mastering capabilities, a 3.5 inch full color LCD screen and a four-hour rechargeable battery.

Austin's Beat Thang is a joint venture between his company, Rowdy Electronics, and Nashville's Beat Kangz Electronics. The music vet will appear in person at Best Buy launch events for the product at storefronts in New York, Miami, Atlanta and Nashville.

"We'll be showing everyone how you can sing into it, play keyboards into it, put beats into it –- anything," Austin explained in a press release. "We'll also have a few for pre-order because once we hit the release date, it's anyone's guess how many will be available to the industry. We only produced 1,000 units and the buzz is running pretty hot."

Additionally, Boost Mobile is hosting a contest for aspiring artists, offering a chance to win a free Beat Thang, $10,000 and studio time with Austin.

"I'm looking for the best talent out here, to see who's got what it takes then, upload a video of you showing of your me what you got America!" Austin said.

For more information, or to view the Beat Thang's specs, click here.

Watch Dallas Austin's 'Exasperated'
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