Curren$y isn't known for dull and boring visuals. The New Orleans spitter puts out some of the more artistically shot videos in the game. He sticks to the formula by releasing five visuals for his 'The Drive In Theater' mixtape, released earlier this year.

The first video, titled 'Intermission,' shows Curren$y spitting rhymes at night, in a car, with his signature joint in hand. The second visuals are for the cut 'Stolen,' where Spitta Andretti cruises through town with one of his boys. Footage for the song 'MPR' comes next.

Videos for the songs 'Stovetop' and 'Hi Top Whites' close out the short film, but when watched altogether there doesn't seem to be a strong reoccurring theme. The footage is actually closer to being vignettes, instead of one solid story line throughout.

For now, the MC only released a handful of visuals for the tape, but it looks like others will eventually follow.

Watch Curren$y's 'Stolen' Video

Watch Curren$y's 'MPR' Video

Watch Curren$y's 'Stovetop' Video

Watch Curren$y's 'Hi Top Whites' Video