Ciara will add some more heat to Miami's already scorching atmosphere when she touches down in the southern zone Saturday (July 16) to kick off her summer tour as part of the Malibu Radio Maliboom Boom Station Invasion.

The 'Ride' creator, known for her fit frame and bold dance moves, will embark on the 10-city trek to celebrate the season with her "team Ciara" supporters. The first stop on the tour will be Miami's Finnegan's on the River. "It's gonna be a lot of fun," Ciara tells the BoomBox. "It's gonna be sexy. We want people to get ready to have a really fun, sexy summer experience. That's the whole goal of the tour."

While the gifted chanteuse thinks of herself as a "social drinker" and doesn't usually partake in throwing back libations, she occasionally indulges in Malibu, which she dubs a "sexy drink."

The 'Basic Instinct' performer, who has four albums under her belt, is keeping mum on specific details of her performance -- like special guests and tricks up her sleeve -- but she promises music enthusiasts will be properly served with what she has to offer. "It's only right that I drop 'Goodies,'" Ciara admits of the famed record that skyrocketed her to the top of the charts in 2004. "It's gonna be a combination of my newer music as well as the classics. More than anything it's just about the energy and having fun. I want my fans to walk away feeling like they had a really good experience and that they really enjoyed themselves."

Taking a break from rehearsals for the tour, she did reveal a bit about what she'll be wearing when she graces the stage. "Let's just say I switched up the color from my normal, typical colors on my [past] tours," the Atlanta native reveals.

DJ Skribble joins Ciara on the dates as well as crooner Taio Cruz, who will pick up the last three scheduled shows.

Check out the Malibu Radio Maliboom Boom Station Invasion tour dates below.

7/16: Miami, Fla. -- Ciara

7/21: Virginia Beach, Va. -- Ciara

7/23: Jersey Shore, N.J. -- Ciara

7/30: Boston, Mass. -- Ciara

8/4: New York City, N.Y. -- Ciara

8/13: Dallas, Texas -- Ciara

8/18: Chicago, Ill. -- Ciara

8/25: Los Angeles, Calif. -- Taio Cruz

8/27: San Diego, Calif. -- Taio Cruz

9/1: Phoenix, Ariz. -- Taio Cruz

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