When it comes to her videos, Ciara showcases some amazing moves. In her new visual for "I Bet," she goes for the classical route with a beautiful ballet routine.

Inspired by a little girl's jewelry box, Ciara is dressed in a soft pink two-piece gown. The long slit down the front of the skirt shows off her toned legs. While her look is sexy, she does it with class. The outfit grabs our attention, but it's the fact that she is standing on point the whole time.

She impresses us further with a high-cut white leotard, ballet point shoes and a matching long coat. You can easily tell from the muscles in her thighs that this singer just isn't any kind of dancer -- she's a professional.

Released in January, the Harmony Samuels-produced balled proves to the world that a bad breakup won't break her down. The song strongly hints about what happened between her and former fiance Future, but she takes the high road here and doesn't focus on a storyline that lays out the meaning of the lyrics. Instead, Ciara's visual is an artistic and emotional approach through dance to express the feelings in the song.

No matter how personal this track is, she thinks everyone will relate to it in different ways. "I imagine this song will be very meaningful for a lot of people," she told Billboard. "It is much bigger than any one person's experience."

"I Bet" is the first single off Ciara's upcoming album, Jackie, which is named after her mother. The project will arrive in May.

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