Ciara has a secret habit. The 'Ride' vixen, whose controversial new video has stirred up a quite a scandal, had admitted that she is addicted to buying shoes.

In the latest issue of Pride magazine, Ciara revealed that she spends "about $11,000 a month" on her addiction, and owns "maybe a thousand pairs" of shoes. "When I go shopping, my most extravagant purchases are normally going to be shoes," she told Pride. "I just love shoes and go for what's hot. I like everything from Louboutin and Dr Martens to Versace and Fendi."

According to the Atlanta singer, her habit isn't that out of control. "A person should always be able to afford to buy extravagant shoes," she says. "It depends on the items, but, on an average shopping trip I probably spend a minimum of $1,200. It's not that bad! On average, I will spend about $11,000 a month [on shoes]."

Look out, Imelda Marcos! Ciara's on her shoe game, and she's gunning for you -- though it'll take her about 20 years.