The petri dish of experimentation in Chicago rap music has ballooned into an entire laboratory of new sounds, and Chris Crack and Tree are leading the pack.

Today they dropped their seven-song collaboration EP, 'TreeSwag,' showcasing Crack's ragged voice and Tree's mesmerizing production. Chris uses emotion to push his voice through your headphones, practically spazzing on the project's highlight, 'Off Da Pot.' His delivery channels a fury reminiscent of New York's Ratking, and it's a welcome respite from the wealth of passive, smoked-out rappers who are too high to get angry about what they see around them.

Bottom line -- we need more fervent rappers like Chris Crack, more masterful producers like Tree, and more collaborations like 'TreeSwag' - short, sweet, and to the point.

Listen To Chris Crack and Tree's 'TreeSwag'

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