New York City’s Stage 48 transformed into the House of Chinx Wednesday night (July 15) during the listening session for his debut album, Welcome to J.F.K. Despite falling victim to the treacherous claws of the streets, the rapper's spirit permeated the room for three hours as his new music served as the soundtrack.

A throng of media outlets and supporters were in attendance to pay homage to the beloved rapper. With a bevy of New York artists in the building including Maino, Skyzoo and Riot Squad, among others -- French Montana was noticeably absent -- the love was felt throughout the room. Chinx’s wife, Janelli Caceres, showed up with their son, trying to remain positive despite recently losing her husband in a drive-by shooting in May.

Several portraits of Chinx graced the walls of Stage 48 as people swarmed and huddled around them in hopes of capturing a good shot. While fans marveled at the sight of the portraits, Chinx’s records added even more of a mystic vibe to the party. The DJ played various freestyles from Chinx, including his remixes to YG’s “My Hitta,” Tinashe’s “2 On,” and Ty Dolla $ign’s “Paranoid,” which meant his omnipresence couldn’t be denied.

After people got settled and indulged in some beverages, Chinx’s manager, Biggs, walked onstage and kicked things off by welcoming everyone to the listening session. “We didn’t sacrifice. We didn’t compromise,” stated Biggs in terms of making the album. “We’re here to pay homage to my brother. This s--- is surreal. It’s surreal that I’m actually here and celebrating something that he worked so hard for and he’s not here. But I’m keeping my chin up and my chest out because that’s what he would want me to do.”

Gabby Peluso, E1’s VP of Urban Music, chimed in and spoke on behalf of Chinx as well. “He wasn’t ready to just throw in the towel and put out that hit that everybody was gonna gravitate to. He put the work in,” she said. Peluso even went far enough to label Chinx’s debut a “classic,” which had everyone curious and ready to hear the late rapper's opus.

With the album on rotation for the latter part of the night, numerous records showcased Chinx’s innate ability to collaborate with the right artists to create a winning formula. His Ty-Dolla $ign-assisted record, “The Other Side,” is something special and radio-worthy. “I ain’t ever have love for the n----s on the other side,” Ty croons repeatedly. Another potential banger and record that is perfect for summer comes in the form of “Go Get It.” The bouncy track showcases Chinx’s exuberance and level-headedness in the streets.

“That record gave me chills,” described Biggs. “He was spitting life lessons. Go get it regardless of the haters."

The Blickie Blaze-produced-record “Yay” will definitely find its way in the clubs, especially in New York City. As Chinx's high-energy verses were delivered, heads bopped non-stop because of Blaze’s infectious beat. Then there's his collaboration with the late Stack Bundles on “Far Rock,” a perfect record for the streets. The two represent for their Far Rockaway, Queens neighborhood on the gritty Blickie Blaze beat.

Chinx’s penchant for writing strong hooks and delivering solid rhymes is evident on his debut project. He even manages to show his softer side for the ladies on “Thug Love,” which features Jeremih, and on the track “On Your Body.”

As the night came to an end, Biggs and Chinx’s wife Janelli surprised those in the room with the video for Chinx’s “On Your Body.” The effort was shot in Miami and features Janelli as the star of the clip. The crowd was enamored with the visual to the point that they requested another showing, which caused her to relish in the moment and she began dancing as her son followed his mom in unison.

Despite Chinx’s untimely demise, his memory will continue to live on when Welcome to J.F.K. arrives Aug. 14.

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