The Chicago Bulls are down by a game against the Miami Heat in the 2011 Eastern Conference finals, but that's not stopping the team's enigmatic power forward Carlos Boozer from going ham on the hardwood. Jersey No. 5 joins a league of ballers-turned-rappers -- i.e. Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Allen Iverson and Shaquille O'Neal -- with the release of his first rap song, titled 'Winning Streak (Bulls Anthem).'

Getting an alley oop on the mike from R&B singer Mario Winans and Chicago's own Twista, Boozer kicks things off on a positive note. "Dream it/ Believe it/ Do it/ Let's go," he raps. " ... I use to be another little fellow with some hoop dreams/ Now I got the game laced up ... shoe string," The song is surprising catchy, mixing things up with different rapping styles. Twista comes in with his trademark machine gun delivery, and Mario finishes things up with the Auto-Tune button on.

"I've been getting great response from it," Boozer told ESPN. "I did my part maybe three months ago. I think Twista did his part maybe two months after that. Mario Winans came in and shut it down like a few weeks ago."

Boozer isn't exactly looking for a different career path. Having played six seasons for the Utah Jazz, the 6'9" athlete signed a pretty five-year, $80-million deal with the Bulls before the start of the current season. "I'm just having fun with it," he promises. "I just listen to music."

Following two straight losses, the Bulls have a chance to start another winning streak on Tuesday (May 24) in Chicago, where they will face the Heat in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Listen to 'Winning Streak (Bulls Anthem)'