Gearing up for the release of his debut album, Far From Home, inspired by Malcolm X and personal experiences, Philadelphia rhymer Chase Allen drops the visual for the project's latest single, "Nothing to Lose."

Set in a desert in the middle of nowhere, Chase Allen finds himself surrounded by absolutely nothing. The Good Hype-directed video illustrates a man's journey to acquiring a better life with no reason not to do so because he literally has nothing to lose. As the rapper from the City of Brotherly Love lives to "inspire and uplift a lost generation," as he says, so does his music.

He raps, "My friends say I spend too much energy / On the negative things / But they don't know I see the future / I stay ahead of the game / This is the end of a new / Beginning for me / I don't know what else it could possibly be / I got nothin' / I got nothin' / Nothin' to lose."

Produced during an era that feels in need of something a little inspirational, Chase says "'Nothing to Lose' is about being fearless." He goes on to say, "In spite of all of the things that go on in life... Most times it's best to start fresh and put everything on the table and go for it... As you can see in the video, sometimes you are just out there all alone with nothing to lose but yourself and anything hindering you from your purpose. Live free, live fearless, with nothing to lose."

Watch Chase Allen's empowering video above.

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