Evidently, rising Atlanta rhymer Ca$h Out faces a choice: jewelry or real estate. On his hit single "Cashin' Out," which has just been given the remix treatment by Akon, Young Jeezy, Fabolous and Yo Gotti, he seems to show a preference for the latter.

On the track he raps, "Got a condo on my wrist, girl/ I'm cashing out/ Got a condo around my neck, girl/ I'm cashing out." He's trading chains for digs, which, if nothing else, shows his faith in the housing market.

Not that Ca$h really has to choose. As he tells us, "L.A. Reid signed me 'cuz it's Epic how I walk," and indeed, the MC has inked a major label deal.

That gets him a step closer to making some major bank -- and to being in the same league as the A-listers who guest on this cut. Akon boasts about owning hyenas, Jeezy tells us he's "drunk as fuck" and "flexin'" and Fabolous explains why he's not going to waste a lot of time debating big-ticket purchases: "I ain't one to go back and forth/ Not a big fan of tennis."

Gotti comes on last, talking about how he's got "a couple hundred grand in race cars" and becomes "a trending with my top down." Fine rhymes all around, and the kid holds his own with the old pros, wouldn't you say?

Listen to Ca$h Out's "Cashin' Out (Remix)," Feat. Akon, Young Jeezy, Fabolous & Yo Gotti

Watch Ca$h Out's Video for "Cashin' Out"

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