Cam'ron and Jim Jones put their beef behind them when they phoned into Hot 97's Miss Info and explained that they were working on patching things up. Proving things were indeed moving in a positive direction, Cam'ron made a surprise appearance at the Converse's Band of Ballers basketball tournament at Clark Atlanta University on Saturday, May 1. Playing for Jim Jones' Family team, Jones and Cam'ron defeated Shawty Lo and OJ Da Juiceman's team, Southern Hospitality, o take home the trophy for the second year in a row, but all the focus was on the future of the Diplomats.

Both Jones and Cam'ron confirmed to MTV News that a new Diplomats project was in the works. "We working, everything is working," Cam said. "Right now, we're doing a couple of songs. We're trying to get the business together. Right now we're just doing music."

"Me and Cam both got our own things going on, solo projects and label situations, but we going to put this Diplomat thing together real funky. That powerful music will be back at you," Jones told MTV. "It should be a good Christmas stocking stuffer, but we're going to heat it up like the summer."

During a recent interview with, Cam made it clear that before any Diplomats projects could get the green light, he planned to release four albums with his artist Vado, and hash out a few business details with Jones. "To be honest, we missed out on a lot of money on the Diplomat thing the first time. I'm not moving on nothing Diplomat until the business gets done," Cam said, "But it's close to getting done. Right now I don't want to mislead nobody and say it's not U.N. right now."