No justice, no peace? After receiving his second guilty verdict for second-degree murder, rapper C-Murder's sister is speaking out, calling for the help of President Barack Obama. Germaine, the older sister of the former rapper left the courtroom visibly distraught following the verdict.

"I have feelings and I'm sorry for Steve Thomas' family," she said . "I lost a brother also! Where are all the witnesses at the club? Come out, be here, be a witness, come up here! If you [are] not Corey, don't worry about [the name] C-Murder, you come up here and show these people we need to deal with this! We need to deal with it. I'm tired of everybody holding their breath. Where is justice? Where is Barack?"

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, was convicted of second-degree murder for the 2002 shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. Miller appealed his first conviction and was granted a mistrial after it was revealed that the prosecution may have improperly handled criminal records of three witnesses. The second trial began August 3 and included new evidence and testimony. The jury reached a 10-2 vote finding Miller guilty of the murder. However Judge Hans Lilijeberg ordered jurors to vote a second time before handing down the final verdict.

Despite their own loss, Thomas' parents expressed their remorse to Millers family. "My baby can rest," said Thomas' father. " I'm not rejoicing over this, I feel sorry. At least they [Miller's family] can see him. All I [have] is a grave."

Miller faces mandatory life in prison and will be officially sentenced August 14.