While he might have already served around eight years in prison time already, C-Murder's past is still catching up with him as we speak.

According to reports, the No Limit rapper is being sued by the victims of the infamous nightclub shooting that resulted in his life sentencing. The Advocate states that the victims are seeking to seize Murder's rap earnings from his most recent album, Penitentiary Chances that dropped in 2016.

The site reports that the victims are trying to go after the rapper and his label for any of the album's earnings this last year in order to pay off his unpaid civil judgments, including recently released songs available for purchase through Amazon and iTunes. The lawsuite was filed by the bouncer Miller allegedly tried to shoot, the club's owner, a bartender, a bar manager and at least one self-described regular.

While he is currently serving his life sentence after being convicted of murdering a 16-year-old named Steve Thomas, the rapper was also convicted of two counts of attempted second degree murder for the incident at Club Raggs in 2001. The victims of the shooting were able to escape any injuries because the gun he used was jammed.

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