Former No Limit Records rapper C-Murder will still live life behind bars, according to a Louisiana appeals court, which upheld the MC's 2009 life sentence and murder conviction.

The 'Life or Death' creator, born Corey Miller, is currently serving a life sentence, which was handed down in 2009, for the 2002 shooting death of a 16-year-old fan. The Washington Post reports that a three-judge panel from Louisiana's 5th Circuit Court of Appeal on Wednesday (Dec. 28) rejected the rhymer's claim that he had an unfair trial.

According to C-Murder, he accused Judge Martha Sassone, who presided over his case while running for election, of wrongdoing and also claimed other judges involved in the case allowed jurors to hear prejudicial and unsubstantiated testimony that he threatened witnesses of the shooting. In addition, the New Orleans native also accused prosecutors of eliminating black jurors from participating as jury members.

Steve Thomas, the name of the murder victim, was confronted by Miller in a nightclub before the shooting occurred. At the time, Miller was 39 years old.

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