Having always defended his shadiest work, Busta Rhymes is sticking up for himself again, addressing the lukewarm response to his recent album, 'Back On My B.S.' aka 'B.O.M.B.' In a recent video interview, Busta reflected on his work with some painful, pseudo-philosophical ramblings.

"Reception for every one of my albums could always be greater than it has been," Busta admitted. "I always wanna be able to have one of those Michael Jackson successes on every project, because we make the music for the people," the Brooklyn-born rapper continued. "The people ain't just a certain amount of people. The people is every people. So, if I was to sell 10 million albums, I would have hoped that I could have sold a hundred million albums, because I want every single person in the planet to receive my joint the way I want them to receive it ... Greatness is defined in unlimited measures."

Alright, we think we get it. Bussa-Bus is not only channeling Friedrich Nietzsche and the philosopher's concept of the Übermensch -- one who must overcome painful embarrassment to reach success -- but he's also trying to reach the universal fan with the idea that every human receives Busta's auditory gifts exactly how Busta wants. The 'B.O.M.B' single 'Arab Money' was a gift for all of mankind. We just decided to hide it in our closets because the store wouldn't let us return it.

Busta continues his lofty explanation of greatness and measurements, saying, "Sometimes, the measurement can't even be measured because it supersedes the level of expectation that you have to possibly measure the way you can have your greatness received. We're living in times where the people have to receive it in ways more than the protocol's way. The protocol's way is going into the stores and buying it. If people can't afford to buy it, that ain't gonna stop them from receiving it."

Ok, so the reception of 'B.O.M.B' was inaccurate because the silent pirate Busta fans didn't go out and buy the record in a store. It's not like they have the Internet or other outlets to find out how the record was received. Oh, wait.

Busta is reportedly almost done with the follow-up to 'B.O.M.B' and, no shocker here, the rapper is already defending the album before it's even finished. Titled 'The Chemo,' Busta vouches the title is self-explanatory and non-offensive, he's simply "coming to kill the cancer in music."