Busta Rhymes has landed himself in hot water for allegedly disrespecting his elders.

According to Page Six, a new lawsuit claims the hip-hop vet went flipmode and lost his temper, spewing ageist remarks over a two-year span at his former driver David Jones.

According to the suit, Jones claims that Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Smith, allegedly yelled at him whenever he refused to drive through red lights and actually obeyed the city’s speed limit.

“You’re driving your age - I can see that,” Rhymes is alleged to have said to his ex-driver. And when Jones could not remember addresses or locations, the veteran rapper would taunt him and say he “acts like an old man!”

Jones, who filed his suit in Brooklyn federal court on Tuesday (May 3), was hired to chauffeured Bussa-Buss from 2PM until 5AM. He was paid $100,000 per year. However, Jones alleges in his suit that he's owed over $10,000 in unpaid wages and over $20,000 in unpaid overtime.

“Wait ’til you see your check!” Rhymes allegedly yelled, claiming that Jones’ mistakes would ruin his son’s birthday.

Jones is seeking $236,064 in monetary damages, plus legal fees, stemming from his service for Rhymes from October 2014 until February 2016 when he was allegedly assaulted and then fired.

Attorneys for Busta Rhymes had no comment on the matter.