It's no secret that Busta Rhymes likes to turn up onstage, but during a concert performance in New York with his protege O.T. Genasis, the veteran rhymer turned up just a little bit harder than expected. Bussa-Buss fell off the stage and "Busta" his head on the concrete. And it was all caught on video.

In the clip, O.T. Genasis is onstage as he prepares to perform his rap hit 'CoCo.' As the beat blares through the speakers, Busta is nodding his head so hard that he leans right off the stage and lands on the floor -- head first -- with nothing to break his fall.

TMZ posted photos of Busta trying to climb back onto the stage. If you look closely, he's bleeding from a gnarly gash on the top of his head. It looks like it will require several stitches to close that cut up.

There's also been some reports that he also suffered a broken nose during the fall, but we don't know if that's true. According to sources, Busta received first aid backstage but never returned to rock the mic with Genasis.

"Last night was mad real," tweeted O.T. Genasis on Twitter.

We hope that Busta is okay because that was one hell of a fall. It's safe to say that Bussa-Buss is in love with the 'CoCo' track.

UPDATE (Nov. 29):

Busta Rhymes is OK! He tweeted:

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