Fresh off his brilliant performances on A Tribe Called Quest's We Got It from Here ... Thank You 4 Your Service and Hodgy's song "Final Hour," Busta Rhymes is truly in a zone, and his latest lyrical conquest comes in the form of a Swizz Beatz produced track called "AAAHHHH," and it's a straight banger.

From the very first note you're sucked into the club friendly-song by its dark piano chords that serve as the perfect opening to the Dragon's witty wordplay.

"N----- want me to bust a rhyme, it's so ironic / It's Busta Rhymes, so iconic / N----- can't f--- with the kid, you know the logic / Bounce, duke you should move before we make it a topic / Sh---ing on n----- to where I need a colonic," he raps.

Meanwhile, Swizz does his signature adlibs during the track and holds down the chorus, which is something he's now officially famous for.

"I just dropped a big bag on a brand new, aaahhhh / I just pulled up to the club with the top on, gone new, aaahhhh," he says over a baseline that's unmistakably East Coast and couldn't sound more sinister.

Hopefully, there will be a lot more new Busta songs to come in 2017, and he'll continue to walk on this wonderful creative path he's on.

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