Legendary UGK rapper Bun B has finished his first day of school.

Professor Trill, as he's known to his students, taught his first day of class at Rice University earlier today, giving out a syllabus and required reading for his course, Religion and Hip-Hop.

"This is a religious course, this is not in the music department," Bun B explained during a Houston radio interview. "These are young people who have taken upon themselves at a very young age, dedicated their life to religion, the search of religion and the study of religion, so I don't want to give these people any misinformation."

The revered Texas MC also discussed the relationship between hip-hop and religion. "Hip-hop artists and musicians, their religion comes into play a lot more during the course of making their music than people would think because a lot of music is geared toward the club and partying and all that," Bun said. "A lot of times people go through a lot of serious life choices throughout the course of their career, may it either be the music, the business, the people around them or the choices that they make. A lot of that comes into conflict with their religion, if their Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, even Buddhists. Whatever your religion may be."

Bun revealed that he fully expected to have his position challenged by his students, but said his rap background has prepared him for any such conflicts. "I'm totally prepared, I'm from P.A. [Port Arthur, Texas], so not much can shake me up. I used to work with Pimp C, so it's very hard to throw me off," Bun said with a laugh. Hope someone's filming this.

Watch Bun B's 'Put It Down'
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