Sacramento-based rapper Brotha Lynch Hung has announced plans to release three concept albums by this coming fall. The horror-core master, who last released an album in 2003, has signed with Tech N9ne's Strange Music label, and plans to release the first of his trilogy, 'Dinner and a Movie,' on March 23.

The album revisits the Jekyll & Hyde complex. By day Hung is the average Joe, while by night he splits into his rapper-killer persona, the Coat Hanga Strangla. Hung drew inspiration from horror mavens Rob Zombie and Wes Craven while conceiving the trilogy, and has partnered with director Dan Gedman to film nine music videos, depicting the exploits of his new character, who has a taste for rapper blood.

"This is the first time this has ever been done," Gedman said. "We are visually bringing this character to life, and then Lynch is going to write the next two albums. It's an interactive process. Now he has to lyrically revisit the character and story, knowing what it all looks like."

The first video from 'Dinner and a Movie' is for the song 'Meat,' with 'I Plotted (My Next Murder)' to follow in the next couple of weeks.