Boyz II Men prove that they can make anything sound sexy -- even fast-food.

In the latest commercial for Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburgers, the guys flex their vocal skills by singing the tweets that Twitter users post about their love (or hate) for the burger.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the guys do a great job at taking the most random tweets and belt them out as if they were lyrics to one of their legendary tracks like 'I'll Make Love to You.'

"Can my New Year's kiss be with a pretzel burger," they sing.

Nathan Morris explain their collaboration with Wendy's best by telling Mashable, "We like singing about buns, we've been singing about buns all our lives, it just happens to be a pretzel bun this time."

So if you love Wendy's pretzel buns and tweeted about it with the hashtag '#PretzelLoveSongs,' there might be a chance your tweet has been turned into a song lyric.

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