Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde has taken on the alter ego of Frank Fiction to release a new project called 'BirdTalk.'

The new project features production from Moka Only and Frank Fiction himself, while guest appearances on the project include Casual of the Hieroglyphics, Moka Only, and Pharcyde brethren Imani.

This project comes in the wake of news reports that Imani and Bootie Brown claim ownership of The Pharcyde brand, and as a result have sued Fatlip and Slimkid3 for allegedly misusing the name of the group to promote a recent set of concerts. It's good to see that despite the nasty legal wranglings that might be going on as a result of the upcoming court case, members of the group are able to focus on what's most important: the music. Check out the mixtape below which is being streamed through Spotify.