After releasing his fifth album, 'From Dusk Til Dawn,' last year, it looks like Bobby V is changing thinks up. The singer, who now plays piano, has recruited a band to play alongside him on his new EP, 'Peach Moon.'

The six-track project channels Bobby's inner musician as he begins to transform his signature 'Slow Down' vocals into a new sound -- think R&B mixed with neo-soul. The Atlanta native's band -- made up of stand out trumpets, a rocking electric guitar and dazzling percussion -- brings on that feel-good, Sunday drive kind of music.

'Who Am I to Change,' the current single to come from the EP, addresses something the music industry goes through on a daily basis. But instead of giving in to today's "it" crowd, Bobby only has one thing to say: "Just take me, or bid me farewell / I'm living my dreams, I'ma keep doing my thing /Just wait to see, ain't nobody changin' me."

Listen to Bobby V's 'Peach Moon' below.