The world of reality television might get a shake up real soon if R&B singer Bobby Brown and dancer/rapper Kevin Federline have their way. The two who are part of the forthcoming season of VH1's 'Celebrity Fit Club' bonded during the show and are now looking to develop a reality show together.

In a recent impromptu interview with a TMZ cameraman Bobby revealed a few details regarding the concept. "We're thinking about doing a show, 'K-Fed and Bobby," he said. Brown was then asked what the show would entail, "I don't know. You'll have to wait and see."

Odd couple? While some might think the combination of the two would be a strange match up, Bobby and Kevin have more in common than just 'Celebrity Fit Club.' Both are ex-husbands of famous singers -- Bobby was married to Whitney Houston and Federline to Britney Spears -- and both had reality shows with their former significant others. Remember Kevin and Britney's 'Chaotic' and Bobby and Whitney's 'Being Bobby Brown?' 'Chaotic' proved to be disaster, but 'Being Bobby Brown' was a highly-rated show on the Bravo channel.

Brown and Federline will debut as participants on VH1's 'Celebrity Fit Club' Feb. 14, 2010.