Bobby Brackins is a songwriter known for his work with Tinashe, Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj, as well as singing the hook for Ray J's 'I Hit It First.' The artist tries taking lead on a hit with 'Hot Box,' featuring Mila J and G-Eazy.

The beat isn't too much unlike the one DJ Mustard uses for '2 On,' where it felt much more addictive. That's not to say 'Hot Box' is a knockoff. The Redwine-produced song starts with a digitized effect before the bass and snaps kick in -- as if the party started jumping after a mass Facebook invite.

The artists fill their role here, too. Mila J plays the party's alluring hostess on the hook, Brackins is the singer-cum-party patron who's trying to live it up and G-Eazy is the chill rapper dude hanging out behind tinted windows.

'Hot Box' is a bit formulaic, but it's still a solid listen.

Listen to Bobby Brackins' 'Hot Box' Feat. Mila J & G-Eazy