With audiences heavily anticipating the theatrical release of Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman is giving us something to chew on in the meantime. Netflix has released the official trailer for Message from the King, a film starring Boseman who plays a South African man taking revenge into his own hands.

The talented actor doesn't disappoint as he's been reviewed favorably in past films like Get On Up, in which he played James Brown; 42 in which he played Jackie Robinson; and Captain America: Civil War, in which he made his debut as Marvel Comics superhero Black Panther.

Message from the King is about a man who travels from Cape Town, South Africa to Los Angeles, California, with just a few hundred dollars in cash to search for his sister. 24 hours in, he learns that his sister has been murdered. Now, he has six days left to avenge her death and must sift through a slew of low-lifes to get to the truth. Boseman also serves as Executive Producer on the film.

The trailer begins with the muffled sounds of his sister's voice calling her brother for help. Next, we see the character Jacob King (Boseman) emerge getting down and dirty in his seek for revenge. Punching men in the face with a chain wrapped around his fist and taking a good old fashioned baseball bat to the head of another. After the ass whooping he declares, "Whoever you work for, tell them this was a message from the king".

The film premieres on Netflix on August 4, 2017.

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