Biz Markie has one of hip-hop's most unique careers. The beloved Juice Crew rhymer burst onto the scene in the mid-80s with a screwball personality and a knack for funny story raps. Over the years, he's become one of the game's most celebrated artists, deejays, producers and ambassadors. Biz chopped it up with Questlove on Pandora's Questlove Supreme, and shared the stories behind his winding road--including what inspired one of his most famous tracks.

“The basis of 'The Vapors' came in is, I was on my block, and the kids down the block had a crew," Biz shared. "I wanted to be in the crew but I always had to be in – my parents are strict. So I had to be in when the light was out. So I always asked 'Can I be down?' And since I wasn’t a cool cat and I wasn’t smoking and I wasn’t drinking, 'No, you can’t be down, son.' So I went back into the lab and try to get as best as I can and doing that, my time came…”

Biz became known as The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop, and that sense of humor got him notice when he was a shorty freestyling amongst his peers.

“I used to snap on people but I was always the funny guy," he explained. "'Shitty Shinotty, your nose is snotty. Every time I see you, you’re begging somebody, but if you’re egging, you’re begging. And you’re humming, you’re bumming. Good God almighty, I hate to see you coming…' mic-drop moment.”

Markie also shared how he came to join the popular early '10s kid's show Yo Gabba Gabba! teaching children to beatbox for their fun segment, the fan favorite "Biz's Beats of the Day."

“They asked me to come in to do the Dancey Dance. But the night before I deejayed in L.A., and you know, you’re standing up for like five, six hours. You tired. So I was lazy and so I just said “Yo, Christian...why don’t I teach kids how to do the beatbox? I named it 'Biz’s Beats Of The Day' and then we did it. They put that on the pilot and then it got an overwhelming response, and they put me down.”

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