Big SeanIf you were sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for Kanye West to reveal the title of his next album, the cat is out of the bag thanks to rapper Big Sean, an artist on West's G.O.O.D. Music label. Sean revealed the news via his Twitter page.

"Up n at em!!! Time to go to Hawaii! To work on the best 2 albums of all time. [Mine] 'Finally Famous' n Kanye's 'Graduation!'" Sean mistakenly wrote before corrected himself. "I mean 'Good Ass Job' not 'Graduation.' I was sleepy as hell when tweeted that s---!"

The album's title isn't a total surprise since West previously stated 'Good Ass Job' would be the final title in his series of releases about his rise to stardom after dropping out of college to pursue his musical dreams. The 32-year-old deviated from his plan releasing '808's and Heartbreaks' in 2008 but it looks like he's back on track.

Although details surrounding the release are scarce, Kanye has been doing a lot of recording in Hawaii and has tapped producer and previous collaborator No ID, and rapper Drake for the album. "He's back in that music mode which is great," Drake said in an interview. "He was in clothing mode for a second ... now I think he's back and ready to make this all happen." No word yet on when 'Good Ass Job' will be released.