The backlash was swift when it was announced that Betsy DeVos would be giving the commencement speech at Florida's Bethune-Cookman University, and now everyone has witnessed firsthand that those students weren't playing around.

When the education secretary, whose nomination was hotly contested, took the stage at the HBCU she was met with boos, chants of protests and the backs of some students who literally stood up and turned their backs to her. The school president, Edison O. Jackson tried to get the students to be quiet by threatening them.

”If this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you," he warned. "Choose which way you want to go.”

The students chose to go the way of protest, as they continued to vocally express their disdain to bring the controversial DeVos to their school. DeVos also recently came underfire for saying that HBCU's were the "pioneers for school choice"-- which showed a clear disregard for this country's history of racism, as HBCUs are the result of black students not being allowed education opportunities at white schools. HBCUs were created to address that reality.

Eventually, things calmed down at Bethune-Cookman and DeVos finished her speech and asked for understanding and whatnot. Check out some of the Twitter reactions to what went down below.


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