Surely the Cool Kids' Chuck Inglish's name rings a bell but does Benny Cassette? After today, it should. The singing and rapping force out of L.A.'s East Side debuts his Angel Dust EP, which finds himself and Inglish teaming up on production duties and demonstrating their rhyming talents over a blend of mellow tunes.

Featuring seven tracks, Benny touches on many topics saturating today's hip-hop: drugs and women. On "Say No to Drugs," he needs a hit of the lady who's caught his eye. "These other dudes are lightweight, I'm the heavy user/ On that voodoo/ Got your neck snappin' like Jamaican roosters," he raps.

"Raw Sugar" has that classic boom bap sound as Benny chooses Auto-Tune effects while crooning of another woman who's got his heart in a chokehold.

Chuck Inglish fans get a chance to hear him lend his skills to both "Shades of Blue" and "Ferngully."

Experience the Angel Dust below.

Listen to Benny Cassette's Angel Dust EP

Benny Cassette Angel Dust EP Tracklist

1. "Shades of Blue" feat. Chuck Inglish

2. "Girl From Inglewood"

3. "Say No to Drugs"

4. "Raw Sugar"

5. "Empires"

6. "Ferngully" feat. Chuck Inglish

7. "Xmas Sweater"

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