In the latest installment of Pepsi Max NFL Audilbles, the commercial series where hip-hop artists rap about the coming weekend's NFL playoff games, B.o.B sizes up the teams gunning for the NFC Divisional, while up-and-coming MC Nick Javas makes his predictions for the jerseys sweating for the AFC title.

A native of Atlanta, B.o.B. strums an electric guitar while weighing the offense and defense for the Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers game on Saturday night. "Packers again hunting the big bird," he starts noting Green Bay's wild card win over the Philadelphia Eagles last week. "How will [Green Bay Packers quarterback] Aaron's aim be? How ready will [GB linebacker] Clay [Matthews] be? ... Rodgers will probably grabs a few TDs, but Matt Ryan is planning on firing through his D."

Javas, who is signed to DJ Premier's Year Round Label, has been rapping football all year as part of the league's weekly Wrap Up Rhyme Reels. "Hello sports fans we got the Jets and the Pats and it don't get much better than that," he spits, noting Dion Lambert's comeback year since being crowned Super Bowl MVP in 2003.

Big Boi started the series off last week. Other rappers tapped for videos include Talib Kweli and Lupe Fiasco. Super Bowl XLV takes place Feb. 6 in Dallas, Texas. Check out B.o.B's Pepsi Max NFL commercial below.