August Alsina usually have female fans screaming for him, but recently he had them shreking on social media over his new hairstyle.

According to reports, the 23-year-old singer went on Snapchat to reveal an Asian-inspired coif that consists of two man-buns tied with chopsticks. Then Alsina decided to post the photo on his Instagram account and that’s when the slander commenced.

Several fans jumped on Twitter to relentlessly clowned the singer for his hairstyle choice. “What has August Alsina done to his hair...He looks like Mickey Mouse,” questioned one person. Another fan tweeted, “August Alsina slowly becoming a girl.”

Others were supportive of Alsina’s new look, one follower tweeted, “People need to get off August Alsina's hair cuz he still look good asl.”

However, some people feel that his new hairstyle makes him feminine, while others disagree. “Nothing wrong with August Alsina new hairstyle. He knew the ‘gay’ slander would come but didn't care. His masculinity is not fragile,” wrote one fan.

How do you feel about August Alsina’s new hairstyle? Tell us in the comments below.

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